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I remember the day I cried like a baby when told in order to use the company car as an employee at the "City of Seattle"  I'd have to give up my New York drivers license and apply for one as a resident of Washington State.   


RESIDENT !!  I didn't want to be a resident of Washington, I wanted to go back home to New York, turn the clock back,  make different choices so I could choose the options I wanted.

For anyone who has lost a job, a home, moved to start over, told they have a life-altering illness,  has a physically or developmentally disabled family member, caring for an aging parent, fighting an addiction, struggling to readjust to civilian life, events out of your control brings out who you are at your core.  It will cripple or encourage you to open a door to your future. Well I couldn't go back home and I didn't know how to quit. 


 I had to accept the reality of starting over at a time and age when my peers were planning post-retirement trips around the globe  or second careers and self-employment to fulfill earlier passions and dreams. 


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Cheri Denise Coleman, MBA

My job at the City of Seattle was to help nonprofit and faith-based organizations become "assisting agencies" with the Department of Health and Human Services.   I never imagined  I would find what I was born to do, fulfilling what came natural from that revelation  PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap across Sectors was created. 

I worked along side of decision-makers representing city, state and federal agencies whose policies directly affected the lives of communities across King County and the state.


Nonprofit and faith-based organizations becoming "partners"  with these agencies was meant to make it easier to reach the diverse ethnic and demographic communities they served. People go where they feel welcomed and understood.  In a global community where language can be the major barrier to a job, having someone who understood the culture beyond just translating  the language makes all the difference.  Having someone who walks with you transforms lives and affects policies as change agents.

What I soon discovered was none of these agencies, nonprofits or faith-based organizations were talking to one another. Each was committed to serving the public but few recognized the need to do it as an interdependent collaborative. 

PartnerCafe was created to bridge that gap and we do it by bringing everyone to the table. 



I am proud to announce, PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap across Sectors is an Ambassador for the United Network for Organ Sharing. 

As a donor parent. I know my son's organs brought the gift of life to 13 families and individuals waiting at the brink of death.  His donation of lung, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, cornea, and tissues saved their life.  Over the years I have been honored to speak before multiple groups in the medical field,  at churches and organizations who want to know more about organ donation so they can share this life-saving information with their constituents and stakeholders.  

As an Ambassador it's my job to raise awareness and educate the public about organ donation and transplantation, organ matching and how UNOS runs the nation’s transplant system. We are able to communicate and share important information through health fairs and exhibitions, community presentations, email and social media channels. The UNOS Ambassador program provides tools, tips and resources to help you spread awareness of United Network for Organ Sharing’s lifesaving mission in your community.

If you would like more information or simply speak to a small group, I would be honored to share my personal experience.  

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