Formally known as Mom and Me Medical Mobile Clinic.  Dr Dale and his dedicated team of medical professionals are building a free clinic in the Buckley area.  They continue to reach out to all of Pierce County and are feeding the elderly and anyone in need as well as making masks for essential workers. 

A private non-profit organization that protects the rights of people with disabilities statewide. Our mission is to advance the dignity, equality, and self-determination of people with disabilities. We pursue justice on matters related to human and legal rights.  Noah Seidel, Anthony Nash II, Eric Mathes hold administrative positions. Shawn Latham, of Allies in Advocacy fights for the Civil/Equal rights of People with Developmental Disabilities and provide technical assistance to Self Advocacy Organizations.   


Maria De Perro is the Behavioral Health Community Engagement Coordinator for Pierce County.  Beacon is responsible for behavioral health crisis services for all individuals, regardless of their insurance status or income level, in three region; Southwest Washington, and North Central Washington. Beacon is also responsible for additional non-crisis services for low-income individuals who lack insurance coverage.  


Get Back on Your Feet Guide for the Homeless

A look at available programs and resources to help those facing homelessness.  For full disclosure many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to LendEDU. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies are presented. 


Vibrant Health Homecare is a nurse-owned, nurse operated local home care agency serving the Pacific Northwest and Tacoma areas. The founder, Annet Pasquali, RN, is a baccalaureate trained registered nurse (RN) who practiced bedside nursing at Tacoma General Hospital for five years. Before that, she worked as a nursing assistant for seven years.


In the 12 years of working in the healthcare industry, Annet noted that there were over 100 elderly patients that came to the hospital due to falls, dehydration and failure to thrive because they forgot to eat. Most of these patients ended up leaving their homes and going into nursing homes.

With these observations in mind, Annet decided to form Vibrant Health, a home care agency that helps seniors to stay vibrant and live longer in the comfort of their homes.

Together with Annet’s experience, the staff and caregivers at Vibrant Health Homecare have a combined total of 56 years of experience in elderly care.     

"I had the pleasure of meeting Annet at a DSHS/DDA  open meeting for Social Workers and  Community Engagement Guides.  I highly recommend Annet as a caring professional and VibrantHealth Homecare for a family member as well as a trusted place to work".  Cheri Coleman, MBA & Founder PartnerCafe