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ready to get things done....together

PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap Across Sectors - Board  Memberships, Coalitions and Advocacy group affiliations



Elevate Health- Community Advisory Council


SealK12 - Denise Walk


Pierce County Accessible Communities Advisory Committee - 3-year Appointment by


Pierce County Executive Bruce F Dammeier


Community Health Workers Coalition of Pierce County


Pierce County Human Services Coalition


Pierce County Project Access


UNOS - United Network of Organ Sharing




"They are good at connecting people to the correct resources. It shows how much they care about Bridging the Gap Across Sectors. I personally have been helped by them. Awesome!"

"This is an amazing and powerful group that is working hard to bring people and communities together. Facilitated by Cheri Coleman this helps all people come together from different sides to make change and build community. "

"My experience working with Cheri  and the exceptional group of professionals at Partner Cafe forums are always helpful & informative. I  look forward to seeing everyone and I leave the meetings with renewed energy because of it! I have made some positive connections that have proved to be beneficial for my career and I feel extremely grateful to be part of what  Partner Cafe is trying to accomplish connecting with different Sectors that  represent our global communities."   


Trena Cloyd

Former Manager at Port Jobs-SeaTac Airport,

currently...Job Recruiter & Life Coach-Atlas Staffing




"Partner Cafe brings together non-profit organizations, local businesses large and small as well as offering information for  community solutions for health care for seniors and families. Their goal is to offer an opportunity to connect, support and participate as one team; allowing each one, whether a corporate VP or a neighborhood pastor to present a problem and work on solving it together, collectively. I'd like to thank Partner Cafe for their support in helping connect and expand my business."


Bernard & Renee Givens

BG Gourmet BBQ Sauce

"Cheri Coleman is a great motivator, a role model. She enjoys building connections in the Greater Seattle/Tacoma, WA area. She offers quality leaderships, developing teams with empathy and guides individuals with special challenges."

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