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Together we can do amazing things....


We Believe we are stronger as an interdependent collective.

    We benefit from this truth through shared transparency.



We Believe we have the courage and will to find inclusive solutions.

     We ask the hard questions, fearlessly listening to voices, backgrounds and experiences

vastly different than our own.


We Believe communication must be consistent across each Sector and individual.

      We accomplish this through clearly defined goals. 


We Believe every individual has God-given gifts and talents.

       We build on strengths, what we have in common & learn from our differences.


We Believe in the vision of the millennial partnered with the wisdom & tacit knowledge

of the seasoned professional.

We grow and mature  tirelessly learning from those we serve with 

"Boots on the Ground” 


We Engage  We Inform  We Act

We are better together....


" PartnerCafe is a warm, welcome open forum that is composed of different organizations that service and educate the community."

Kelly Perkins

Mortgage Loan Officer, US Bank

"Partner Café is a  good place to meet others who care about social justice and serving the community." 


Paul Valenti

Job Counselor, Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens 

"Partner Café has been tremendous in allowing me to meet with other business and nonprofit organizations that I am able to collaborate with on a one on one basis. The meetings allowed me to Gain valuable knowledge about resources and services that I am able to use in Real Time to assist the clients I work with. Thank you Partner Café."

James Hunter

Broker Skyline Properties Inc

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